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March 12 2018


Things to Consider When Selling a House

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Thinking of selling your home this year? Finding out and understanding real estate trends could help immensely. Here are some things to consider when selling property.

Using the Web to sell

The Internet has completely revolutionized the field of real estate. Nowadays, with 95% of shoppers buying their property on the Internet, the Internet has become the basic tool for selling a home. Whether the seller markets their home themselves or with a broker, it is crucial to use all the tools available (especially, ad sites and social networks). Remember, the more the ad is seen, the faster it can sell.

Home staging

Buyers are increasingly looking for turnkey properties, and the “WOW” effect with the buyer’s first impression can make the difference between a quick sale and a home that's been in the market for a long time. With the number of homes for sale increasing and causing competition to intensify, it is not surprising that more and more sellers are resorting to residential valuation.

Newspaper ads are a huge negative

Newspapers and their exorbitant display costs should be done away with when trying to sell a home. The Internet allows people, at a very low cost, to market tons of photos and complete property information for very little. It is no longer necessary to spend a fortune to display a house in the print media.

In addition, shoppers are looking to the Web more and more, so why waste money on newspapers and real estate magazines? LJ Hooker is a great way to sell a home fast.

Consider how much time you have to sell

Another aspect to consider is the time you have to sell. This is a critical factor in choosing the best way to sell the property. Do you have to sell immediately, in 3 months or is there no time limit?

A quick sale involves massive web visibility, a fair price, and very little room when it comes to negotiating. In the current market where buyers have more and more choices and greater bargaining power, the time required to make their sale a reality is growing. If a seller’s choice is to market their home with a broker, they should find someone who will provide them with a massive amount of visibility.

On the other hand, keep in mind that all buyers do not all shop on every website. So, sellers should insist that their broker places their ad on multiple sites. This will maximize their visibility and their chances of selling quickly.

In short, whether you choose to sell on your own or with a broker, web-viewing on multiple sites is essential. Visit LJHooker.co.nz for further details.

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